1. What licenses do I need to charter a boat?

You need a valid Boat leader´s licence of competency.

  1. Do I need a special driving licence for towing a boat on a trailer?

No, as far as the highest permitted total weight of vehicle and trailer combined does not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

  1. Do I need an additional third plate for towing trailers?

Yes, except for the larger boat trailers that have their own license plate.

  1. Do I need to hire a professional skipper?

You DON’T need to hire a professional skipper, if you have all mandatory permits and experience to operate and navigate a boat. However, it is always an option to hire one, if you wish

  1. Who pays for the skipper and food for him?

Skipper pay you and him with meals, regardless of whether you prepare your boat or going to a restaurant.

  1. How are the boats insured?

The boats have obligatory and hull insurance for the territory of Slovenia and Croatia (there is no obligatory insurance for other countries) and the valid license for navigation for the Republic of Croatia and Republic of Slovenia. 

  1. Is it possible to charter a boat only for a few days?

Yes, by prior arrangement it is possible to charter a boat for any free time period.

  1. What if there are children on board?

No problem, just tell us the age of the children so we can put the appropriate lifejackets on board

  1. What to take with you on a boat?

You need to take your documents (ID and Boat leader´s licence of competency) and documents related to the charter of the boat (Contract and Invoice). For cooler days you need sufficient clothing. It is also recommended to take drinking water and some food.

  1. Can I have pets on board?

Yes, you can have pets on board, but you are fully responsible for them and for any damages they might cause.

  1. What to do, if I cause a damage to the vessel or loose a part of equipment and don’t tell you?

We would appreciate if you tell us what happened to the vessel, because only in this case we can find a common solution and solve the problem. We and also those who rent the boat after you return it, will be very grateful.

  1. Do you rent some other additional equipment?

Yes, we rent cool box (20€/week), tube + life jacket (30€/week), waterski + life jacket (50€/week) and wakeboard + life jacket (70€/week).