Terms and conditions for charter

Conditions for charter and responsibilities of lessee 

Lessee receives the vessel in perfect operating condition with all equipment on board.

The lessee undertakes to manage the vessel and the equipment in the time of the lease as attentive manager. The lessee agrees to be responsible for the vessel and its equipment in the time of the lease. He is acquainted with the vessel being insured and the substitution vessel not being intended.

The lessee undertakes to respect all the rules in force, failing this he alone is to be financially punished for the consequences. The ignorance of acts and regulations does not relieve the lessee of the responsibility.

The lessee is also responsible for the potential damage caused to other persons or things due to negligence.

Following the reception of the vessel lessee shall bear all costs of daily quays in ports or marinas, fuel costs and cleaning, as well as the costs of eliminating possible damages to the vessel or equipment, which are not the result of normal use of the vessel. Any damage, accident or theft should be immediately reported to the lessor or to the competent authorities.

The lessee affirms that he is competent to drive the vessel and that he holds the Boat leader’s licence of competency. The lessee also undertakes to take care of the vessel being driven only by the persons who are competent to drive it and who hold the Boat leader’s licence of competency.

The lessee can transport only that many persons on the vessel as he had previously arranged with the lessor, in no instance more than the vessel has been registered to.

Obligations of lessor

The lessor is bound to provide the vessel in predetermined timespan in perfect working condition. The lessor is obliged to deliver the vessel at the agreed place and time. In the opposite case, the lessee will get reimbursement of expenses for the days when the vessel could not be used. The lessee may request a refund up to the total amount of the lease but is not justified to any other claims. The lessor is obliged to resolve malfunctions or damages caused by the normal use of the vessel, immediately after receiving notification of the lessee. The lessor must also ensure that the vessel is handed over in good condition, clean and with a full fuel tank.

The lessee will also receive instructions for safe use and navigation.

Insurance and deposit

The vessels have hull insurance and insurance against third parties for the territory of the Republic of Slovenia and Croatia. Insurance is defined by the terms and conditions specified by the insurer. The vessel is insured in case of damage caused to third parties and is fully insured for all cases of damage caused by the action of force majeure, to the amount, expressed as a percentage of the value of the vessel, and the risk in accordance with the insurance policy. The lessee is obliged to report any damages, accident or theft to the lessor or the competent authorities. In the case of gross negligence or in the case of unreported damage, the lessee bears all costs. Insurance does not cover personal items.

Upon delivery of the vessel the deposit is to be paid to cover potential costs: damage to the vessel and equipment, missing equipment, delays in return of vessel, the potential costs of cleaning and fuel costs.

Deposit is fully returned upon return of the vessel, if the following conditions are met: a vessel is returned in perfect condition, the equipment is intact, the vessel is clean, the fuel tank is full and the vessel was returned within the agreed time on the agreed place. If any of these conditions are not met, the lessor retains the deposit in amount of estimated damage.

Cancellation of contract

The lessee can cancel the contract. In case of cancellation more than 2 months before lessor retains 10% of the total lease amount, 4-8 weeks before departure retains 15% of the rental amount, and in less than 4 weeks 20%.

In case the lessor cannot deliver the agreed vessel due to force majeure, the lessee is entitled to get the same or better vessel for the same price, or whether this is not possible, a refund in the total amount of lease.