Joker Boat

The Joker Boat Company from northern Italy was founded by Giuseppe Aiello. The company was originally called EuroNauticSport and was specialized in the production of smaller, hand crafted boats. EuroNauticSport was one of the first and most innovative nautical companies at that time in Italy.

At the very beginning, all their boats were built completely hand-made. The technology behind these boats was restricted to tubes in hypalon texture and a folding, non-rigid, bottom complemented by a wooden floor or an inflatable keel. Thanks to their technological sophistication, these boats can be found on the water even now almost 40 years later. In the 80’s Joker Boat Profi 250, 300, 540 and 520 boat models achieved record in sales. Success in the Italian market quickly led them forward to the global market. The 80’s and 90’s marked the brand’s great success with more than 1,000 boats produced each year.



Joker Boat began as a small boat manufacturer for models of less than 6 meters long called Coaster. Such RHIB boats where designed primarily for fishing and family leisure.
In the late 80’s the Clubman series appeared on the international market. Innovative, powerful, extravagant and practical, designed for families with children.

Today, Joker Boat is a leader in listening to their customers desires. If you want a combination of extravagance and practicality, then for sure Joker Boats will not disappoint you!

Joker boat

Clubman 22 Plus

7,01 m
2,77 m

Coaster 650 Plus

6,90 m
2,50 m

Coaster 580 Plus

5,85 m
2,54 m

Clubman 35

10,7 m
3,52 m

Clubman 30

9,50 m
3,28 m

Clubman 28

8,50 m
3,15 m

Clubman 24

7,46 m
2,99 m

Clubman 28EFB

8,50 m
3,15 m

650 Barracuda

6,70 m
2,55 m

Coaster 600

6,03 m
2,50 m

Jet Tender

3,53 m
2,16 m

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